Who We Are

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  • I am Lyn Macintosh and I have over 20 years experience in hypnotherapy, NLP and counselling.
  • Where We Are

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  • Hypnotherapy Northern Beaches and Dee Why

    Dee Why is situated in the heart of the Northern Beaches. We are incredibly lucky to live in a part of the world that is filled with fresh air, clean beaches and so much to explore around us.

    You will find me in Pacific Parade, just off Pittwater Road and only a few short blocks from the beach

  • What We Do

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  • Do you feel there is something holding you back?
    Something stopping you from living the life you want?
    Something stopping you from being the person you want to be?

    I’m Lyn and I can help you break free from whatever is holding you back.

    Some of my clients have thought of me as a mentor, a role model and as confidentiality is so very important, clients know they can trust me with their concerns.

  • Our Mission

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  • I help you find the way to your new life by tapping into your inner strength.
  • Info

    Welcome to Northern Beaches Hypnotherapy

    It's time you made some changes, isn't it?
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    Hypnotherapy is a safe, drug free way of dealing with things that are troubling you or holding you back in your life..


    The simple process will help you to uncover the issues that are causing you problems and help you change your thought processes around them.  You will then be able to cope more confidently with daily life.


    We don’t always know what holds us back and where our limiting beliefs come from.  They may have even formed in your childhood before you were even aware of it.


    Hypnotherapy helps you to get to the cause of the emotions, deal with them and bring in the required resources so that there are more options, more ways to handle similar situations and feelings as they arise.


    At all times you are in control of yourself, even though you are allowing your unconscious mind, your inner mind as I call it, to be accessed.


    Over the years I have helped clients cope with all sorts of issues and sent them on their way to a better future.


    I teach clients self hypnosis and invariably give a relaxation CD I have prepared for their use in between sessions. I see clients for three sessions, sometimes four. At the end of the third session we evaluate the progress the client has made to ensure the client’s needs have been met.


    I use a variety of hypnotherapeutic techniques including straight suggestion, analytical hypnotherapy and ego state therapy as a matter of course and I believe that the approach I take enables my clients to reach the goals they have set.


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